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Hackers and attackers will never have the patience to wait for the moment that you will be ready, rather, they will always attack when you least expect them to.

Is there a way that you can stay ahead of these attackers and hackers before they cause a mess?

You can never create an organization that is well secured within a day but there are several basic practices and processes that if carried out would help in mitigating the risks of a data breach. For most of the organization, they will never realize and understand the need for these practices and processes until their data has been hacked and used by attackers.

There is hardly a day that will pass by without new of emerging new security threats and traditional tools have not always provided measures that are up to the task of maintaining and keeping sensitive information secure. There are several security threats that abound in all organizations and enterprises and the IT security experts have to be worried about spyware, hackers and malware. Luckily enough, there are several emerging technological innovations to aid prevent such kind of attacks. below are some of these innovations that are going to keep you ahead of attackers.

Controlling how and when information is accessed

Protecting files and documents inside an organization is one big challenge but protecting files and documents found outside the firewall of an organization is even a bigger challenge. Companies such a Seclore will provide you with services that are designed in a way that they will protect documents that are outside your organization and controlling how long those document can be accessed through Information Right Management. This service uses full auditing, encryption, right policies and various other security tools as a way of protecting information that is sensitive.

Analysis of the various malware communication pattern

Blocking malware is not an easy task but for TaaSERA they have come up with a way that they can easily detect and block malware within zero minutes.  They have an analyzer that will search for any traces of new malware agents. Using a correlated sequence of control and command communication, inbound exploits, outbound scan and binary download malware is diagnosed easily and dealt with accordingly.

Introducing tactics that kill the chain

In any battle, it is very crucial that you know and understands your enemies before you begin the actual war. The Crowdstrike Company is great when it comes to preparing you for this as it utilizes a novel approach with the idea of being on the offensive side.  The technology of this company is used to analyze the attacker and then a model is developed based on whatever the attacker is seen to be trying to do.  This is a kill chain tactic where you turn the tables on attackers by confusing them and this will deny them access on the information.

Whitelisting behaviours

Another great technological tactic in getting ahead of your attackers in addition to exploiting what the attackers’ uses, checking the vulnerabilities an application has is also done.  The most organization tends to use their effort in zero-day patches and signature-based protection, which is not enough to block attacker, but with Trusteer Apex, a novel application is used. This is where an application is analyzed on what, where an application is carrying out a certain activity and Apex will determine if the activity being carried out is a threat, and if it is, it is blocked.  In case of an attack, Apex will block the malware by preventing it from making communication to the internet.

Security testing of vendor application

For most organizations, 65% of the applications they use are from third party vendors. Although security policies that are enforced for internal apps are more of a quantity, controlling compliance with vendors is never that easy.  With Veracode Vast, you can now verify and validate the security compliance of all the applications that are from third-party vendors. Although the reporting tool used does not access the code directly, it analyses behaviours that might cause a threat and after that, it then verifies whether the application of the vendor meets the organization security policies.

Data analysis of all security activities

Carrying out massive data analysis is nearly possible but with Seculert, it utilizes services such as Amazon web services and Hadoop programming framework hence making an analysis of big data for any security threats.  With this company, in case there is a threat or an attack on one company, it alerts other potential company from being attacked with a similar threat.

With the above innovations, they might be the solution that you have been searching for the dilemmas that you have been having as an organization.  Relying too long on the security measures that an organization installed long ago can be problematic at times and it is recommended that you use the above innovations to mitigate the risk of a data breach in your organization.