Call for Papers

The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

A. Information Management
A1 Information resource management 
A2 Knowledge management 
A3 Organizational management 
A4 E-Business 
A5 Electronic Government 
A6 Information security 
A7 Business Intelligence;
A8 Business performance management 
A9 Customer relationship management 
A10 IT service management 
A11 IT project Management 
A12 Logistics informatization 
A13 Logistics distribution management 
A14 Information Technology and sustainable development of corporation 
A15 Information economics 
A16 Complex networks 
A17 Network culture and harmonious society

B. Innovation management:
B1 Innovation management theory 
B2 Innovation ability 
B3 Innovation and reform management 
B4 Core competence and strategy innovations 
B5 Open innovation 
B6 Radical innovation 
B7 Self-Directed innovation 
B8 Integration innovation 
B9 Disintegrations innovation and complex system innovation 
B10 Technology , organization and culture innovation 
B11 Innovative system and service innovation 
B12 Innovation management tools

C. Project Management
C1 Production Management 
C2 Scheduling and Line Balancing
C3 Production Planning and Inventory Strategy 
C4 Total Quality Control 
C5 Advanced Production Management Methodologies 
C6 Lean Production 
C7 Agile Manufacturing 
C8 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 
C9 Reengineering in Industrial Management 
C10 Just in Time Production 
C11 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
C12 Green Manufacturing 
C13 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering 
C14Corrosion Engineering Management

D. Green Design
D1 High Efficiency Electrical Heating Technology 
D2 Enhancing heating and cooling equipment performance 
D3 Building rating systems worldwide 
D4 Improving building performance in design, construction and operation 
D5 Designing and evaluating green buildings

E. Information System
E1 Management Information System 
E2 Expert system 
E3 Behavioral-related issues of information system 
E4 Information systems design 
E5 Security issues of information system 
E6 Knowledge networks and their roles 
E7 Global and cultural issues in developing successful information systems 
E8 Decision support systems 
E9 Intelligent agents 
E10 Web services, semantic web and their related business strategies 
E11 E-education system and its application 
E12 E-government system and its application